Washi Tower™ // Postal Friends
Washi Tower™ // Postal Friends

Washi Tower™ // Postal Friends

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Postal Friends Collaboration with SumLilThings!

Display your favorite washi tapes with this cute washi stand! (Washi not included). This design is meant to be paired with SumLilThings' half of the design, but can be used on its own as well.

Material: Acrylic (3 pieces)

Size: Fits three 15mm washi tapes

Please note if the pegs fit too snugly into the hole, you can use a nail filer to slightly shave down the edges. Do not force the peg into the hole as it will damage the acrylic.


Washi Tower™ is the SumLilThings brand of acrylic washi stands. The Washi Tower™ mark and signature design is owned by SumLilThings. oddloop has been granted permission to sell under this mark and design.
Washi Tower™ is a trademark of SumLilThings™.